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Everything is Sound, All Vibration is Sound – even if we cannot hear it.

How does Sound Healing Work?

 As already stated we all exist in a state of vibration and have a natural resonance (natural vibration of an object). There is a saying in the English language that equates to being in sound health, when one is healthy all the molecules are vibrating at the ‘correct’ frequency.  When we experience pain in the body, mind, soul we are in a state of dis-ease, the molecules are vibrating out of their natural resonance and need re-balancing. By working with Sacred Sound in a number of ways we can bring every molecule within the mind, body and soul back into vibrating together by projecting the correct pitch back into the area, this process is called Entrainment  – Entrainment is an aspect of Physics which describes the process of two objects locking into a single frequency and vibrate together.

Making sound by simply humming works to reduce stress levels in the body and mind – this works by balancing the emotional body, increases oxygen levels in the body, increases melatonin levels (natural hormone used in treatment for depression), releases endorphins (natural pain relievers)

Within a Sound Healing session – I play the Tibetan Singing/Healing Bowls and place the bowl in line with specific points on the body that work in conjunction with the Tibetan five chakra system of energy medicine which allows you to relax fully, meditate and enjoy the Sound Bath as the healing resonance travels through the physical body and beyond to induce a deep sense of relaxation transcending from the Mind and the Body allowing you to fully connect to your Soul!

The Gong is much more than a musical instrument, it is known to be the most powerful healing instrument as it releases reverberating tones of fullness and resonance.

Within a gong bath/gong healing the body is bathed in sound, with waves of vibrational energy enveloping the space with layer upon layer of sound waves. Feeling tones are heard not just by the ears but felt kinaesthetically by the entire body as a collective ear. The gong bath experience is like being wrapped in a powerful cocoon of pure holistic resonance, the powerful and wholesome tones enable the listener to disappear completely in the sound field resulting in a profound sense of well being and inner peace. People emerge feeling extremely relaxed, re- energised and refreshed.

As a musician and a student of Energy Medicine, Healing and Yoga, I have developed an understanding of how all of these practices (Healing, Yoga and Music) are interwoven and compliment each other. Sound (Nada नाद) is all around us, whether in the form of music (which is really just organised sound), in nature, in our speech, in the chaos of the city. Sound is the original creative force, everything is made up from molecules that are vibrating at different speeds, therefore to quote from Sanskrit;

Nada Brahman’ translates to ’the world is sound’  – everything is in a state of vibration.




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