Zen stones

Music & the connection to working with the Breath

Discovering I had a passion and an innate musical ability,  I began playing the piano when I was about 8 years old. Music was a great way for me to harness my creative mind and express the emotions that were bigger than me during my childhood and adolescence. I came to learn to play the cornet in a local Brass Band shortly after starting the piano. I suppose that is when I develop a good set of lungs and really learnt about working with the breath and the power behind the breath. There are so many benefits in the body and mind that come about through working with the Breath and the Voice  – these include: increased levels of Oxygen, increased Melatonin, reduced stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Expanding my knowledge and experience of music learning various instruments, composing, playing the Trumpet in Symphony Orchestras, Pit bands, Jazz Bands, Baroque Ensembles & Brass Bands I wet on to study Music Performance and Composition at Leeds University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Hons).  My passion for music is still very alive as I pursue a Masters in Music Therapy at Roehampton University…..Watch this space!

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