This page is a snapshot of my life so far and what has led me to this work. Please read further about my own personal yoga and healing journeys in the about pages relating to those specific areas and I hope that it will help you to gain a deeper insight into me, my work, my motivation and passion.

As a musician and a student of Energy Medicine, Healing and Yoga, I have developed an understanding of how all of these practices (Healing, Yoga and Music) are interwoven and compliment each other. Sound (Nada) is all around us, whether in the form of music (which is really just organised sound), in nature, in our speech, in the chaos of the city. Sound is the original creative force, everything is made up from molecules that are vibrating at different speeds, therefore to quote from Sanskrit texts ‘Nada Brahman’ translates to ‘the world is sound’  – everything is in a state of vibration. All of this knowledge is thousands of years old and has been written about in Vedic Scriptures, it is nothing new, however people are becoming more interested in unveiling this ancient knowledge and I feel honoured and privileged to be on this journey whereby I can help to guide others in the same way.

Promoting Yoga for Everybody

“Sometimes we lose sight of the fact we are all individuals and we are ALL perfect, we get caught in that idea that yoga is a function of beauty, when yoga is an expression of beauty, discipline, sacrifice and love. Yoga teaches us to feel with our hearts and experience with our bodies. Remember everyone can do yoga. We breathe, we feel, we stretch, and we connect fully to ourselves, even if we don’t look like a supermodel.”

Quoting an article I read recently written by American Yogi, Diane Bondy

On a trip to Kerala, India, I was participating in a yoga class taught by a local young Indian man. It was a great class, and the postures we practised were dynamic and advanced, however many of the other participants were fairly new to yoga and seemed anxious about moving into some of these postures. After the class the teacher came over to me and said in a very kind voice with pidgin English “it is very nice to see someone so fat be flexible and strong in the postures, it was good for the other students to see, thank you for coming”. Now, as am sure you can imagine my usual reaction on hearing the dreaded word fat would be to bristle and get upset (naturally, as the western-conditioned ego gets offended, even if truthful). Thankfully, before I had a chance to respond, my initial shock at the comment actually made me take a breath, and step back reflectively and I quickly realised this wasn’t intended as an offensive/judgement comment about my size and, in fact, the teacher was making a compliment and a valid point: anyone can do yoga, no matter what size, shape, physical ability (or disability), colour, religion, etc.

Self-acceptance through Yoga

From a young age I was aware of my own shape and size and therefore actively kept myself fit initially through training as a fitness instructor in 1998 and a Boxercise instructor in 2000. Despite my efforts in these areas I always felt like a fish out of water in my body within these settings. I began my yoga journey in 2003, which was also the start of my journey of self-acceptance & body love. When I first started yoga, I remember how intimidating it was walking into my first yoga class in a gym surrounded by very slim women in tight clothing. Having always been ‘curvy’ or dare I admit it ‘chubby’ I was plagued with the thought that yoga was for slim people, especially as that is what the media would have us believe. After getting over this initial fear and by starting to accept that I was heavier than the average women in these classes, I soon realised I was flexible (in body and mind) and was able to move through the sequence of postures with ease and grace, forgetting that I felt and looked different from those around me….and so my yoga journey continues…..

It is my mission to equip and empower people with the tools, knowledge, ability and disposition to deal with a range of burdens (e.g. stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and anger) that we encounter more and more within today’s society.

My yoga journey and indeed my spiritual journey is one of lifelong learning, never-ending lessons, embracing the challenges and learning to sing in the rain. I have a deeply-rooted motivation to help others and to help them develop the tools they need to achieve inner balance and unity of mind, body and spirit, thus ensuring their well-being in all aspects of life, even when the challenges of the world weigh them down heavily (as they do on us all).  I have nurtured this drive by working in the Special Needs Sector of an Education recruitment business for 7 years, however I have always maintained a firm foundation of spiritual work in my private life and dedicated time to healing others through my yoga and healing practices. I now teach yoga full-time alongside running my healing practice and have just completed my 3 years of study – Masters degree in Music Therapy.


Charlie Merton

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