What is Healing?

Healing is a complimentary therapy which works through the subtle anatomy in the levels of the body, known as Mind, Body and Soul. Energy is projected into the 7 major energy centres (known as Chakras) in the body which correspond with Glands recognised in Western Medicine. This allows vital energy to flow through channels known as Meridians or Nadis to energise the 7 energy centres (and all the others chakras!) encouraging the removal of any energetic blocks along the way. This can work through a range of methods using Reiki, Sound, Crystal, Intuition- within that there is also scope for hands-on, hands-off and remote or distant healing.

Quantum Physics acknowledges that we are made up of energy and energy flows through everything. All of these energies are balanced delicately and therefore it is quite easy for a number of factors to effect these subtle energies which therefore can result in a block or a disruption in the flow of energy throughout the Mind and Body. Healing modalities, regardless of the form of treatment, can help to identify issues causing these blocks and restore the natural flow of energy leaving you feeling cleansed, energised and more positive.

It can help to think of Healing in terms of a ‘servicing of the body, mind and emotions’ as you would service a car. If you leave a car, uncared for, for a long period of time, things may start to break, the running becomes sluggish or at worst is completely breaks down. The same can happen in the body, over a period of time we accumulate  physical and emotional stresses and traumas which leave an imprint in the energy field of the body. Healing is an energetic cleanser for the mind, body and soul.


What is involved in a healing?

The procedure of the healing is uncomplicated and risk-free. You will be asked to either lie down or sit on a chair depending on the method of healing required.

Crystal Healing – During the healing, crystals will be placed ‘on’ and/or ‘around’ the body.

Sound Healing – During the healing, the healing bowl will be placed on and around the body.

Integrated Healing – This is an Intuitive type of working with energy medicine by combining the use of crystals, sound, Reiki and spiritual healing.


Will I be clothed?

You will be asked to remove your shoes but will remain fully clothed aside from that.


What is required from me?

You don’t need to do anything specifically, however an open-mind and a willingness to receive the healing will be beneficial for you to make the most of the healing experience.

It is important for you to relax during the healing and surrender your mind, body and spirit. At the start of the session, you will be asked to answer a few confidential questions about your medical history, present health, occupation and life-style. All information disclosed will remain strictly confidential, however it is imperative that all information given is accurate in order to receive the full benefit of the healing.


To find out more about the different forms of healing or if you have any general questions call or email Charlie on 07825254827 or info@nadapriya.com

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