The Gong is much more than a musical instrument, it is known to be the most powerful healing instrument as it releases reverberating tones of fullness and resonance.

Within a gong bath the body is bathed in sound, with waves of vibrational energy enveloping the space with layer upon layer of sound waves. Feeling tones are heard not just by the ears but felt kinaesthetically by the entire body as a collective ear. The gong bath experience is like being wrapped in a powerful cocoon of pure holistic resonance, the powerful and wholesome tones enable the listener to disappear completely in the sound field resulting in a profound sense of well being and inner peace. The experience will open the body & mind, in addition to releasing blocks & tension which accumulate through the everyday trauma of our lives.People emerge feeling extremely relaxed, re- energised and refreshed.

You will be led through a sonic healing soundscape with 4 gongs, tibetan bowls, a rainstick + sansula. The use of gongs & tibetan bowls stimulate meditative states + the healing power of the session is enhanced with 3 planetary gongs (Jupiter, Venus, Sidonic Moon) plus a large symphonic gong and a recently acquired Dark Water Gong (the only one of it’s kind in the UK).

The gongs themselves can be traced back to 3500 BC, the Bronze Age. A Chinese gong dating to 600 BC is inscribed with the words, “The return of happiness and the spiritualization of matter.”


Up and Coming Gong Baths

Triyoga Ealing Gong Workshop Series

Friday’s 12th June 7:45 – 9:45

the inner journey: restorative yoga, pranayama + gong bath
triyoga ealing
open to all

Take time to look at yourself from the inside out. Find inner space through a restorative asana practice which will lead to calming pranayama and other breath practices to expand internal awareness and consciousness. The session will conclude with a gong bath using five gongs.

Restorative Yoga involves the use of props to manipulate the nervous system and work on the organs. The purpose of restorative yoga is to learn and master the art of doing nothing. This is a dynamic relaxation, it is not stretching, the practice is passive but nonetheless powerful. This workshop is aimed to help you to learn to relax, de-stress and develop sleep hygiene.


Other Gong Events at Triyoga will be on Fridays: 31st August, 21st September, 23rd November.

Triyoga Ealing

Unit 30, Dickens Yard,

Longfield Avenue, Ealing W5 2TD

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Friday June 15th Yin Cacao & Gong @ Evolve Wellness Centre  – 6- 8:30pm With SANDRINE

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Sunday 24th June 2-5pm / with Charlie & Ben / £45
Gong Bath and Nidra 

Gong Bath and Yoga Nidra – The Intersection of Sound and Sonic Healing

1)  Yoga Nidra – The Great Clearing – Resolving Internal Conflict
2)  Gong & Entrainment –  Tuning the Physical & Yogic Bodies
3)  Beyond Identity – Leaving Behind Separation
4)  All We Are Is Waves – “The Strongest Wave Wins!”
5)  The 5 Ingredients In Enlightenment – Openess, Clarity, Intensity, Surrender and Permanent Change


Sunday afternoons at Notting Hill Life Centre @ 2:30pm

1st July, 14th October, 25th November

£18 click here to book

The Life Centre, Notting Hill 

Edge St

Notting Hill

W8 7PN


Saturday Afternoon/Evenings @ The Islington Life Centre


**Special Silent Yin & Gong** Norman Blair (Yin) & Charlie Merton (Gong)

8th December

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Weekend Evenings @ Bhuti Richmond Hill in 2018

Sunday 17th June 7:30pm

Friday 17th August 7:30pm

Friday 12th October 7:30 -Yin, Cacao & Gong  – (with Sandrine)

Saturday 3rd November 7:45pm

Friday 7th December 7:30


 Evolve Wellness, South Kensington

Thursday 5th April 6:15 – 7:15pm & 7:30 – 8:30pm

Wednesday 9th May 6:15 – 7:15pm & 7:30 – 8:30pm

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The Last Friday of the Month at The West London Buddhist Centre

29th June, 28th September, 26th October, 30th November.


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The West London Buddhist Centre

Royal Oak House,
45a Porchester Rd,
London W2 5DP

Great Gong Master, Don Conrieux



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